DogPatch is a partnership between the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, the City of Toronto and The Humane Society of Canada.

The project to create DogPatch and enhance the nearby nature preserve has been funded entirely by a generous donation from a family of animal lovers who wish to remain anonymous.

Admission to DogPatch is free.

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Located adjacent to the historic Brickworks nature site in the heart of Toronto, DogPatch has been designed as a wonderful adventure experience for people and dogs, as well as to help preserve and protect the nearby nature site which provides homes and habitat for a wide range of wild creatures who walk, climb, swim and fly.


Looking To The Future

When it is completed, DogPatch will be a unique experience and although it is a work in progress we have been carefully planning every step of the way over the past two years:

  • All pathways and washrooms will be accessible for the physically challenged and the park will incorporate additional features to allow easy access to most areas of the park
  • By working together, the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, the City of Toronto and The Humane Society of Canada have obtained the necessary clearances, and conducted numerous planning sessions and careful field assessments of wildlife and plants to make certain that during construction that any disturbances are kept to a minimum
  • We will continue to conduct ongoing daily assessments during all phases of this project
  • Wherever possible, removal of vegetation and putting up fences will be done by hand to minimize the amount of machinery on site
  • Natural materials from on site will be used to create park features such as the dog adventure course, bird houses and park benches
  • All vegetation that is cleared will be used on site to return nutrients back to the soil
  • We will also be planting vegetation which will provide homes and food for a wide range of wild animals and birds
  • Everyday, representatives of The Humane Society of Canada will be on site to ensure that there are preventative measures in place to protect any wildlife that may be found
  • The Humane Society of Canada has agreed to assume responsibility as the park steward for DogPatch
  • In nature, life can be cruel, and wild animals and birds sometimes become injured, sick or orphaned – The Humane Society of Canada will be available to provide immediate assistance to wildlife in need
  • DogPatch will include a fenced in area that is nearly two acres in size
  • We are working on building CatPatch, an enclosed area for people to bring their cats
  • A waterfall and rock pool will provide a peaceful place for people and a place for pets to swim
  • The movement of the falling water, aeration and filtration of the water and other measures will ensure a constant supply of fresh water and is intended to minimize the number and species of insects in and around the rock pool
  • Energy conservation measures will be used to minimize the amount of electricity used in the park
  • We will be building an interactive monument that will provide information about wild animals and birds, the environment, dogs and historical information about the Brickworks site
  • We will be establishing a series of web cams so children and adults can observe and learn about wildlife
  • We are designing a dog obstacle and adventure course constructed of natural materials such as fallen logs
  • We will asking children to help us build houses made from natural materials to blend in and provide shelter for wild birds
  • We will also be hosting exciting and very special human education events for children and adults to involve and engage everyone in learning kindness towards animals and respect for nature
  • We are also planning a sculpture garden and will encourage children and adults to participate in art contests and displays using a wide range of media from water colours to clay to computer generated images
  • The Humane Society of Canada will also work to find homes for wildlife pets because in the past well intentioned people, in an effort to be kind, have released their fish, turtles and other wild pets into the nearby nature preserve where they may not survive or may compete with local wildlife species
  • We are drawing up a list of do’s and don’ts for using the park, and as with all other parks, none of the DogPatch partners assume any liability for the use of the park
  • Trash receptacles and scoop bags will be available
  • We are also obtaining a natural biodegradable ingredient that will help breakdown doggy deposits
  • There will be regular cleanups of the park organized every month and the park will be monitored daily

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